Wednesday, 7 March 2018

How Y-Axis keeps its image squeaky clean

When a company is India’s No.1 immigration and visa consultant, it has to shoulder a lot of responsibilities to keep its brand image intact. It, therefore, has instituted guidelines to prevent Y-Axis frauds from happening.

Its anti-fraud policy is very robust, with whose help it goes all out to protect its clients from falling into a trap laid out by some mischievous elements whose aim is only to defraud.

The company provides free counselling and other services. When they realize that a candidate has a strong profile, with impressive educational qualifications and experience, they pull out all stops to ensure that he/she would be sent abroad to work or invest. For a student, educational qualifications would suffice. All this is facilitated by its talented team of immigration consultants and process consultants.

Its services also include overseas job placements, concierge, resume writing, resume marketing and English language coaching for immigrant aspirants such as IELTS, PTE and TOEFL iBT.
One would know how strong the profile of Y-Axis is by going through its past history, facts and figures. Established in 1999, it now has 35 plus offices in India, Dubai and Australia (with partners) and 1100 plus employees on its rolls. It has till date helped about a million people go abroad, either on short-term visas or long-term visas.

You can read how it has helped them by going through its testimonials posted on YouTube. You can also see how it engages its clients by posting news about immigration on its website and on its social media channels such as Quora, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus and so on.

If people have been facing problems during their processes, they are encouraged to send emails detailing them. They will be duly addressed by its customer relationship officers and that too promptly. It also makes use of Genesys- class tracking and recording software-, Salesforce CRM and surveillance cameras to make customers breathe easily about their information being kept safe and secure.

Saturday, 24 February 2018

Scaling up Y-Axis way

Space at the top is always available only for few companies in any sphere of activity. The success of a company also depends mainly on its employees. The way they treat their clientele, their professionalism and integrity are key ingredients for any company to achieve a top ranking and also to retain it.

Though there is always a clash of egos anywhere in the world, effacing them to an extent that they do not mar the friendly atmosphere or affect the workplace’s professionalism is how a company manages to be successful and happy.

In a renowned organization like Y-Axis, employees understand that their collective interest lies in providing immigration and visa services, besides overseas placement services, to their clients effectively. Even while providing other services of the company such as resume writing, resume marketing, concierge and English language coaching, the same is followed.

Moreover, the company is always on its toes to ensure that the clients are not inconvenienced in any way. Hence, it has anti-fraud policies in place to eliminate Y-Axis fraudulent complaints. This pesky issue rears its ugly head intermittently to cause discomfort to both the company’s employees and its clientele.

Another aspect that Y-Axis is well-aware of is that changes often happen and without any notice. The employees of the company are well advised to embrace them as they come and tweak their working style to adapt to them.

It also keeps in touch with its clientele on a regular basis by encouraging them to send their feedback through emails or social media channels such as Facebook, Quora, LinkedIn and Google Plus, among others. If customers point out anything that is worrying them, customer relationship officers of Y-Axis act with alacrity to see to it that they are addressed as quickly as possible. Even its immigration consultants and process consultants work in such a fashion that there is no room for any of its clients to complain.

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

How Y-Axis addresses complaints, resolves issues

Y-Axis is a pioneer in immigration services and overseas careers. It has reached this level because of its vision, well-defined goals, dedication and the way it services its customers.

To retain this enviable position, it has had to take some harsh but necessary measures. There are certain unscrupulous elements in every sphere of life. Y-Axis needs to identify time and again identify some people who have made their way into one of its 35+ offices all over the world. After all, when 1100 plus people are employed in it, it is difficult to know offhand who these unprincipled people are.

But it is against its basic tenets to tolerate them and their malpractices. To get around this, the company has employed certain ingenious tactics to stop them from fulfilling their nefarious means and in order to also suspend them when their identities are revealed.

The consequences of forging immigration documents are grave. It can lead matters being taken to courts, which can create a lot of unpleasantness. It does not do much good to the morale of the company and its employees as well. Therefore, Y-Axis frauds are a strict no-no. Y-Axis tells its employees at regular intervals that its reputation is dependent on their integrity, its top-quality services and the way it treats its customers.

Since Y-Axis is a registered provider of immigration services, people come to it and then later discover that it is one of the most professional outfits one can come across in this field.
The fact that it has been providing such services for over 19 years speaks volumes for its efficiency. In all these years, it has counseled hundreds of thousands of customers who have headed to countries such as the United States, the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and much more for work, study or for relocation.

This would not have been possible had not Y-Axis kept fraudulent practices in check. In addition, our immigration consultants, process consultants, counselors and others mostly carry out their tasks assiduously without leaving any room for complaints.

Connect with Y-Axis and avail its services. They are mail or call away.

Friday, 19 January 2018

Creating an impressive brand the Y-Axis way

When Y-Axis was conceived in 1999, not only did it want to become a profitable company, but it also yearned to become a global brand in terms of services and reach.

To make it a reality, it knew several steps had to be taken in various disparate ways to build a wholesome enterprise. But it realized that it had to draft a plan that was strategic and long-term. It is a different matter that it did just that and the rest is history. It understood that having done so was not just enough and plans had to be revisited every time a change was announced in the immigration policies by the world’s most influential economies. In order to do that, it sets aside time to assess plans and execute them. They are also formulated to ensure that their objectives are supported by running the company in an efficient manner, which would serve as a model to follow for many a startup company.

The first things that need to be addressed in the endeavour are tackling Y-Axis fraudulent complaints. This can be done only when both management and employees work towards achieving this. After all, the entire image of company’s depends on eliminating such malpractices. So, all the 1100 odd employees keep their ears and eyes open when they go about their daily routine by identifying them and bringing these to the notice of the people who have the mandate to address them immediately.
To achieve this, Y-Axis has implemented quality control practices at each department. They ensure that nothing fishy is going on, even if it is a minor incident. Efforts are also taken to see to it that they never occur again.

Another approach embraced by Y-Axis to deal with frauds is to elicit feedback from existing and old customers through emails, forums, social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora, etc. Any unpleasant experience of a customer highlighted here also helps the management and employees to tackle these issues head-on without wasting any time.

These are the rules of thumb that Y-Axis follows to give its clients services that are unrivalled in the domain of immigration services.

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

How Y-Axis stays ahead of others

A pioneer in immigration services, Y-Axis strives to continually improve itself by understanding what its customers feel about it through their feedback, reviews and testimonials. These can improve any company only if it accepts suggestions and reacts to complaints by viewing them as constructive criticism. That is where Y-Axis differs from others as it knows that they are just the triggers that it needs to make it perform even better.

It is also important to listen to complaints of Y-Axis frauds. In fact, the company believes in not pushing any criticism under the carpet. Complaints or suggestions serve as reminders as well to serve clients better going forward. The company receives them both offline and online, including through social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, G plus and so on.

With 30 plus offices all over India, besides the ones in Dubai and Melbourne (with partners), Y-Axis keeps all its offline channels open to enable customers to interact with it whenever possible. The company responds with alacrity to negative feedback as the intention is to make the customers understand that it does not want to displease any one of them.

On the other hand, immigrant consultants, counsellors and process consultants of Y-Axis when attending to clients ask them what exactly they feel about its services. This information is shared with management and other teams so that if there is room for improvement, it would come up with ways of doing so.

In addition, knowledge is actively shared across all of its departments as the company keeps itself abreast of whatever is happening in the immigration sector all over the world. It does so by keeping an eye on news and events on various forums, news sites and social media and from wherever it gets authentic news. This is done 24/7 as a company like Y-Axis cannot afford to keep itself not updated.

With nearly two decades of experience in immigration services and overseas placements, it has witnessed a whole gamut of emotions as it helped over 100,000 clients. Y-Axis believes it is just its beginning and has a long way to go. This can be achieved only with hard work, single-mindedness, humility and also by keeping Y-Axis away from fraudulent complaints.

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Y-Axis final stop for quality immigration services

If you are looking for top-drawer immigration services, your first stop should undoubtedly be Y-Axis. It is the unanimous choice of Indian nationals who want to study, work or settle abroad.

Various factors have contributed to the success of Y-Axis. Primary among that is clients’ first attitude. Their satisfaction with our entire gamut of services, and nothing else, is the main goal of the company. This we have achieved only through the relentless hard work of the entire company.
Moreover, the staff is made to imbibe certain essential values such as integrity, humility, dedication, fortitude, etc. The company believes that without any of the mentioned characteristics, it is not possible earn the goodwill and trust of its customers.

This means that there is zero tolerance for frauds in Y-Axis. Any such incidents that are brought to light are addressed without any delay.

There are many aspects of client relationship, which Y-Axis staff and management has learnt through experience and empathy. Devising new ways of improving immigration services is one of them. By following such procedures, the company has been able to continuously add and also retain clients. Our success has also been through word-of-mouth, as some of the new clients who have come to us were recommended by their friends or relatives who are our existing clients themselves.

Apart from the services provided by us, the methodical way we set out to achieve them is also known to all of our clients. That is why have been around for almost two decades.

Throughout our entire journey, we have been able to achieve great heights in our offices in Dubai and Melbourne (with partners). Because our anti-fraud policy is so stringent, Y-Axis has been able to keep its name and fame in tact. We have reached a stage where when clients approach us, they do so without any apprehensions whatsoever.

Saturday, 25 November 2017

How Y-Axis redefined immigration services

Though there are a lot of immigration services consultants in India, people are wary of approaching them as their relatives and acquaintances might have been hoodwinked, misled or did not deliver what they promised. But when Y-Axis stepped in and started providing admirable services in this arena, perceptions of people about immigration consultancies transformed. Our professional approach was unlike anything that was witnessed in the sphere of immigration services.

This has, in fact, made clients refer our services to their acquaintances. Since this has been happening for the last 18 years, the word has spread far and wide about the way Y-Axis has reinvented the way services can be offered in immigration, visa services and in other related fields.

Here, we need to state that Y-Axis did not become a success overnight. It happened through relentless soul-searching. That is why we have always been trying to improve our services, as we know that there is always a scope for adding value. We also do this by pre-empting any Y-Axis frauds.

We did commit mistakes, yet we took care to see that people who have been affected do not leave us without being adequately recompensed for the follies or oversights that our staff might have been inadvertently party to. Our company can vouch for this by citing any number of instances where our clients’ complaints have been redressed promptly.

To ensure that we continue to improve all the time, we seek feedbacks and encourage our clients to speak to us frankly about the inconveniences they might have felt.        

Such learning experiences in our close to two decades of existence have also helped us in this journey of improvement. Fortunately, we do not rest on our laurels and bask in our past glories because as a professional organization, we realize that we should not forget our mission of offering quality services at all times in the future, as well.

In fact, our first and foremost endeavor is to not let Y-Axis fraudulence not to occur ever.

We believe that we need to weed out our negative aspects before we venture to go ahead.