Monday, 16 February 2015

Denmark Green Card – A Good Migration Option

The migration trends from across the world are surprising. While Australia and Canada continue to lure skilled professionals through various PR visa schemes, there's another country which is soon catching up, and that is Denmark.
Denmark has recorded a growth of 15% in 2014 in immigration compared to 2013. A total of 64,874 foreign nationals migrated to Denmark last year over 2013. Denmark offers excellent work opportunities to foreign workers and also has migrant-friendly immigration policies in place, allowing more people to apply with ease. The eligibility/qualification criteria are still there but scoring the required number isn't too difficult.
Tens of people have checked their eligibility with Y-Axis Overseas Careers to migrate to Denmark and most of them have qualified and applied for the visa. The success rate is pretty high and the process doesn't take too long either. If you want to check your eligibility or apply for Denmark Green Card, then overlook any Y-Axis complaints or Y-Axis fraud, Y-Axis reviews you come across, and submit a visa petition through Y-Axis.
Yours could be the next successfully processed green card application!

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