Saturday, 24 February 2018

Scaling up Y-Axis way

Space at the top is always available only for few companies in any sphere of activity. The success of a company also depends mainly on its employees. The way they treat their clientele, their professionalism and integrity are key ingredients for any company to achieve a top ranking and also to retain it.

Though there is always a clash of egos anywhere in the world, effacing them to an extent that they do not mar the friendly atmosphere or affect the workplace’s professionalism is how a company manages to be successful and happy.

In a renowned organization like Y-Axis, employees understand that their collective interest lies in providing immigration and visa services, besides overseas placement services, to their clients effectively. Even while providing other services of the company such as resume writing, resume marketing, concierge and English language coaching, the same is followed.

Moreover, the company is always on its toes to ensure that the clients are not inconvenienced in any way. Hence, it has anti-fraud policies in place to eliminate Y-Axis fraudulent complaints. This pesky issue rears its ugly head intermittently to cause discomfort to both the company’s employees and its clientele.

Another aspect that Y-Axis is well-aware of is that changes often happen and without any notice. The employees of the company are well advised to embrace them as they come and tweak their working style to adapt to them.

It also keeps in touch with its clientele on a regular basis by encouraging them to send their feedback through emails or social media channels such as Facebook, Quora, LinkedIn and Google Plus, among others. If customers point out anything that is worrying them, customer relationship officers of Y-Axis act with alacrity to see to it that they are addressed as quickly as possible. Even its immigration consultants and process consultants work in such a fashion that there is no room for any of its clients to complain.

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