Thursday, 8 January 2015

Y-Axis Fraud - How Genuine Are The Fraud Claims

For every business to succeed, it needs transparency in whatever it does - from offering products/services, to the terms and conditions, to customer service and more. And therefore, Y-Axis Overseas Careers has all transparent measures in place to ensure highest level of service delivery and customer satisfaction from all departments.
Y-Axis Fraud!? Really?
Y-Axis consultants have so far counseled a 100,000+ people in India and abroad and assisted them in filing a migration petition, go overseas for study, invest abroad, and to visit overseas for leisure. That said, it would not have been possible if there was no transparency in the day-to-day operations of the company.
Today, Y-Axis has grown big and wide to accommodate as many as 600 people to the Y-Axis family, and operate from over 20 offices in India, Australia, and London.
Transparent Terms and Conditions
The terms and conditions for the product/service have no hidden clauses and 'no terms and conditions' apply. Our service agreements are very much clear on everything - right from the deliverables of the service to refund policy, etc.
Prompt Customer Services Teams  
Y-Axis customer service teams are prompt to address the concerns of the customers. The feedback mechanism that we have in place enables the company to offer great support to all the customers irrespective of the services they avail, be it resume writing, online job search service, immigration to Australia, Canada migration, visit visa services, etc., our client relationship team is always up to collect customer feedback from time to time.
If only the Y-Axis fraud claims were true, Y-Axis would not have so many people share their success stories on the G+accounts. People who have received their PRs and visas through Y-Axis Services also proudly share video testimonials to share their experience.

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