Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Y-Axis’ Perspective: Productivity towards Growth

Productivity is the way towards a sustained future. History has proved this over and over again. In essence, towards sustained growth, productivity is the highway. This is our perspective at Y-Axis. We want to grow, economically and geographically, spreading our services to the most number of potential clients in as many cities and regions in Indian, and abroad. Economic growth can come in two major ways.

1. Rising demand and in turn rising hiring of skilled workers.
2. This demand has to be fulfilled by our employees, with trust and with the right perspective. This is rise in productivity.

The bottom line for us is productivity. The proof of productivity is tangible, with Y-Axis Reviews that our clients leave for us. We get so many replies by mail, social media, and video messages. Such much so, that it is inevitable for Y-Axis Rating to stay at one stagnant level. Our growth is the product of operational factors, managerial skills and technological advancements. We want to continuously innovate, invest time, effort and expansion of our services.

Our perspective is built to understand and adapt to changing needs of our clients. Just look at our growth as a company. Striking is one word we can use cleanly for Y-Axis. In contrast, if our perspective was unlike pro-productivity, we would have a lot of confusion in our processes and correspondingly with our clients. This would end up in Y-Axis Complaints from our clients. And in some cases, it could end up in Y-Axis Frauds. It is not our intention to even go down this path of un-productivity.

A straight line is the best way to explain our perspective to our clients. Growth is always in the forwards direction, and not backwards or deviating to the goal. Following this line of growth is productivity, and this is our perspective.

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