Friday, 19 January 2018

Creating an impressive brand the Y-Axis way

When Y-Axis was conceived in 1999, not only did it want to become a profitable company, but it also yearned to become a global brand in terms of services and reach.

To make it a reality, it knew several steps had to be taken in various disparate ways to build a wholesome enterprise. But it realized that it had to draft a plan that was strategic and long-term. It is a different matter that it did just that and the rest is history. It understood that having done so was not just enough and plans had to be revisited every time a change was announced in the immigration policies by the world’s most influential economies. In order to do that, it sets aside time to assess plans and execute them. They are also formulated to ensure that their objectives are supported by running the company in an efficient manner, which would serve as a model to follow for many a startup company.

The first things that need to be addressed in the endeavour are tackling Y-Axis fraudulent complaints. This can be done only when both management and employees work towards achieving this. After all, the entire image of company’s depends on eliminating such malpractices. So, all the 1100 odd employees keep their ears and eyes open when they go about their daily routine by identifying them and bringing these to the notice of the people who have the mandate to address them immediately.
To achieve this, Y-Axis has implemented quality control practices at each department. They ensure that nothing fishy is going on, even if it is a minor incident. Efforts are also taken to see to it that they never occur again.

Another approach embraced by Y-Axis to deal with frauds is to elicit feedback from existing and old customers through emails, forums, social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Quora, etc. Any unpleasant experience of a customer highlighted here also helps the management and employees to tackle these issues head-on without wasting any time.

These are the rules of thumb that Y-Axis follows to give its clients services that are unrivalled in the domain of immigration services.

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