Wednesday, 10 January 2018

How Y-Axis stays ahead of others

A pioneer in immigration services, Y-Axis strives to continually improve itself by understanding what its customers feel about it through their feedback, reviews and testimonials. These can improve any company only if it accepts suggestions and reacts to complaints by viewing them as constructive criticism. That is where Y-Axis differs from others as it knows that they are just the triggers that it needs to make it perform even better.

It is also important to listen to complaints of Y-Axis frauds. In fact, the company believes in not pushing any criticism under the carpet. Complaints or suggestions serve as reminders as well to serve clients better going forward. The company receives them both offline and online, including through social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, G plus and so on.

With 30 plus offices all over India, besides the ones in Dubai and Melbourne (with partners), Y-Axis keeps all its offline channels open to enable customers to interact with it whenever possible. The company responds with alacrity to negative feedback as the intention is to make the customers understand that it does not want to displease any one of them.

On the other hand, immigrant consultants, counsellors and process consultants of Y-Axis when attending to clients ask them what exactly they feel about its services. This information is shared with management and other teams so that if there is room for improvement, it would come up with ways of doing so.

In addition, knowledge is actively shared across all of its departments as the company keeps itself abreast of whatever is happening in the immigration sector all over the world. It does so by keeping an eye on news and events on various forums, news sites and social media and from wherever it gets authentic news. This is done 24/7 as a company like Y-Axis cannot afford to keep itself not updated.

With nearly two decades of experience in immigration services and overseas placements, it has witnessed a whole gamut of emotions as it helped over 100,000 clients. Y-Axis believes it is just its beginning and has a long way to go. This can be achieved only with hard work, single-mindedness, humility and also by keeping Y-Axis away from fraudulent complaints.

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